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Peyton Sawyer/Hilarie Burton Icon Challenge
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Welcome to peytonchallenge. This is an icon challenge community for Peyton Sawyer and the actress Hilarie Burton who plays her on One Tree Hill. Anyone can join and enter,as long as you follow the rules.

(001) you may enter up to three icons each week
(002) you may not take an icon made by someone else edit it and
then enter it as your own. anyone who does this will be banned
(003) when entering an icon comment to the post with the icon,
(004) you must be a member to participate
(005) do not tell anyone which icon is yours or post your
icon anywhere until the voting is complete.
(006) icons must be livejournal size; maximum 100x100, 40K.
(007) you may not ask people to come to the community and vote for you.

example on how to submit an icon


You may submit your icon by commenting to the challenge post.
friday night i will close the entries and the poll will go up. also on friday night i will post the new challenge. in the
poll you will vote for the stated number of icons in a comment in order of preference. the one you put first will get 3 points second will get 2 points and thrid will get 1 point. i will then add up the points and whoever has the most wins. comments will be screened the results will
be posted sunday. also on sunday the banners will
be posted for the winners.

pictures and caps from
lucasandpeytononline hilarieburtononline whoresque

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