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Challenge 13!!!

Welcome again! now I'm bringing the Challenge no. 13!!!!

This weeks challenge are some pics of Hilarie season 5 promos
pics from and
You will have until January 13th
You may enter up to three icons.
You may blend the pictures.
Use only the pictures provided
Please submit your entires in a comment to this post all comments will be screened
Please include the icon and the URL

don't misss all new season 5 of one tree hill on Tuesday January 8th!!!

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we'll be back!

hello everyone I decided I'll start challenges again soon
but I'm not sure when so I'm asking for your help with a little poll so I know when everyone is in the mood icon making to participate

When should I start new challenges?

next week
In the middle of Agoust
January when the New OTH Starts
Other: (coment with the answer)

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I'll try to post the winners for the last challenge this week!
right now the community will be in hiatus as no-one it's really interested on participate anymore :(

I may come back on the end of may or maybe early all depends on school, I may ask for a co mod and stuff I have to think it trough

thanks for those who entered on the challenges! I'll be back

comment about it if you want comments will be screened

visite the oth icon awards community othiawards
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remeber to enter to challenge 12 go here and post your entries! you have until March 24th (saturday) morning/afternoon!
I really need more entries

just 1 had entered icons :(

oh and I'd appreciate if you participate on the current challenge of my other community othgirls_chall